Link to this weird little bizznatch!

If you've got the guts to link us --er--... "me" since there's really no "us" (Link to me sounds... well... yeah) You are more than welcome to use any of the images below for linking! ^_^ Please link to this URL:

88 x 31:
Yamato from Where Fate Turns Taichiiiiiiii *_* z0mg a Taito button Just Yamato Just Yamato again~

200 x 40:
Soft colors~

Brunet goodness!!!! Yay a Taito one for once! XD

Yamato from Where Fate Turns *Turns the tide towards Taichi*

Nonstandard sizes:
Taichi button... *evil grin* TAITO! *turns into puddle*

Guy from Fire Emblem 7