Note that these dates are when they were drawn, not when they were put up on the site:
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*** = Indicates yaoi/shounen-ai
***? = Not for those raging homophobes who can't stand to see the slightest implication of shounen-ai... -_-

10/16/00: First time doing 02 Matt. Taito... old pic, so it's kinda amateur. ***
10/29/00: Matt comments on Tai's style of wearing school uniforms..***?
11/27/00: A little Taito doodle I did during American Heritage...***
12/2/00: The Christmas pic! I luv this one ^.^
12/20/00: The New Year pic!
1/2/01: Chinese New Year Taito/Yamachi pic***
1/5/01: Taito and a tiger...***
1/10/01: A pic from my Doujinshi and some text...
1/27/01: Squishy Taito pic ^.^***
1/29/01: St. Patrick's day pencil sketch preview
2/3/01: St. Patrick's day colored..
2/10/01: Somewhat different style Tai and Matt!***?
2/25/01: Davis and Ken doodlings***?
2/25/01: Another Taito pic!***
2/26/01: Daiken scene from Lost Star: That Same Beautiful Song***
3/5/01: Easter picture: Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken and the... Easter Bunnymon!
3/12/01: Can you imagine Tai playing a cello?
3/29/01: Matt and Renamon from "Tamers: Splash style!" Doujinshi!
4/20/01: Huge background pic for "Tamers: Splash style" Doujinshi
5/15/01: Yearbook entry for my best friend Katie! (tanktop Taitoish pic included)***
5/30/01: Tai and Matt strolling down summer lane!
6/28/01: Random Tai and Matt!***?
6/28/01: Yama holding a Taichi doll! Redo of an oekaki ^^;;***
7/3/01: Independance Day Yamachi humor!***
7/4/01: Pic from Taito songfic Drops of Jupiter***
7/26/01: Tai in the rain...
7/26/01: Another Trenchy Tai!
8/8/01 and 8/11/01: Pen doodlings from Vancouver ^.^
9/9/01: School Days collection! (6 rather large pics on one page)
10/21/01: The True Golden Age.. (b-day pic!)***
11/21/01: First time drawings of Lee and Takato from Tamers!
11/21/01: Line Art for Taichi in "Lost Star"
11/21/01: Line Art for Yamato in "Lost Star"
12/5/01: Need any clothes, Daisuke...?
12/20/01: 2001 Christmas Ken pic
1/2/02: First Leekato pic...***
1/23/02: Line Art of Takato and Lee for an upcoming doujinshi
2/13/02: 2002 Chinese New Year pic: Horse
2/19/02: Devil Taichi and Angel Yamato...
12/8/01-3/8/02 The Bishounen Boys Profile pics
4/8/02: Tamer pic sketches
4/8/02: Tai in a winter coat
4/16/02: Yamato in Kouji's outfit and other junk...
4/24/02: Yamato in a... um... I don't know.
5/21/02: 1 year Anniversary Bishounen Boys
6/5/02: Tai and Matt summer pic 2002!
6/9/02: 100,000 hit Kiriban
7/10/02: Tai and Matt stuff from Interlochen***?
8/14/02: Renamon and Matt "TSS"***?
9/11/02: The Bishounen Boys for America...
1/31/03: 2003 Chinese New Year pic: Sheep***?
4/5/03: Taito collection 2003 (will expand)***
4/11/03: All hail Taichi!
5/31/03: Taichi *_*
6/07/03: 2003 Yearbook collection
9/4/03: Ruki sketch in my IB Bio Notebook. XD
9/11/03: 2003 9/11 Pic
10/4/03: Taito***
10/03: Got Taito 3rd Year Anniversary Collage
11/5/03: Fall, Taichi... mix?
1/27/04: Winter Taichi/Yamato
1/30/04: Taito randomness from The Bishounen Boys***
5/20/04: Yearbook picture 2004
7/16/04: Taichi/Yamato pen pic***?
10/1/04: Digital Taichi
11/9/05: Taito to seifuku
12/25/05: Taichi and Yamato 2006
More to come later!

7/3/01: Gatomon and Kari (season 1) for Nesta
8/4/01: Yamato and Garurumon for Akito Yurikawa
8/27/01: Taishirou for Rainy***
11/22/01: Yamachi for Syakaura***
5/7/02: Takouji for Saya***
6/11/02: Daiken for Kat chan***