2/28/08: Yep, this site is moving to my domain! Please update your bookmarks D: because eventually I'll be taking off the other pages on this account.
4/4/07: Hmm I should do something about this eventually o_o; Perhaps move it to my domain eventually.
12/25/05: A 5th Digimon season has been confirmed! End of yet another year coming up. Happy holidays! New art up.
11/9/05: Some new art up~
10/16/05: Just a few very slight changes to the look and adjustments to a few pages. Yet another year is approaching... :O
6/18/05: Finally chocked a bunch of stuff into the doodles section. I've been posting a lot of stuff over at DeviantArt, so I'd really appreciate it if you could leave some feedback there! ^^
12/26/04: More doodles up. This year's Christmas pic is Takuya and Kouji ^^;
11/27/04: Kwee, the doodles page has been added! Please check it out ^_^
11/17/04: Added a VERY old (over a year old) pic into the art section that I had forgotten to put up, but also reminded me... I'll probably make a separate art section for the "doodle" quality stuff, usually being the pieces with lots of notebook lines on them! XD; It'll have to wait until Thanksgiving when I can possibly get access to a scanner. I swear I'm still working on Where Fate Turns. I only procrastinate as much as people procrastinate on their reviews *nudgenudge* Q____Q;
10/2/04: New pic in the fanart section.
9/30/04: I'm going to try to scan a bunch of pics when I visit home this weekend. Most of them are doodley, but still all in good fun ^^ Added a list of Anime I've seen to the frames.
9/09/04: 16th chapter of WFT is up~ Please enjoy! ^_^
9/01/04: I won't have as much access to a scanner at college, but I'll be sure to catch up during my visits home. I can still update fics. Meanwhile~ more doodles in the Where Fate Turns Gallery.
8/06/04: Check out my Otakon gallery when you get a chance. =D
7/16/04: New pic in the art section. ^^;
7/2/04: The Where Fate Turns Gallery has a few doodles from chapter 14. Just an announcement, I'll be going to Otakon at the end of the month. Don't squish me, please!
6/29/04: Links page updated. GO CHECK OUT EVERY SITE ON THERE NOW! x3~
6/27/04: More WFT stuff! 14th chapter of Where Fate Turns is up, along with a new pic in the site page. ^^
6/14/04: 13th chapter of Where Fate Turns is up~!
5/22/04: New art up~
5/18/04: Where Fate Turns Gallery has lots of new pics up, including some from the upcoming 13th chapter (spoiler pics, so be warned). =3
5/8/04: One-shot Taito fic Epitome and a new chapter of are up! Expect some more pics in the WFT gallery sometime.
4/9/04: Well... Spring break gave me time to check up a few things, one thing being Yahoo Groups, and I finally people had joined the Yahoo Group I made a while ago. Thanks! ^^ Well, if anyone else wants to join up, it's at this place. I think I'll mostly be posting little music things and such, since music ROCKS MY WORLD.
4/7/04: Ohmygosh, another chapter to Where Fate Turns up, 11 already~ This is so much fun.~ Reviews! x3~
3/5/04: Chapter 10 to Where Fate Turns up... in less than a month *UBER GASP* Reviews..? ^_^;
2/12/04: New chapter to Where Fate Turns~ ^^

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