4/4/07: Hmm I should do something about this eventually o_o; Perhaps move it to my domain eventually.
12/25/05: Happy holidays! 5th Digimon season has been confirmed. Can't wait. :)
10/16/05: Just a few very slight changes to the look and adjustments to a few pages. Yet another year is approaching... :O
6/1/05: z0mg, I'm alive~ Changed the link to my mp3 list because it won't fit on fateback anymore. I don't update those lists often, so I still urge people to visit me on IRC ^_^ Check out the Links page for more info.
1/10/05: New Gift... It's been a while. ^^
9/30/04: Added a list of Anime I've seen to the frames.
8/06/04: Check out my Otakon gallery when you get a chance. =D
7/2/04: The Where Fate Turns Gallery has a few doodles from chapter 14. Just an announcement, I'll be going to Otakon at the end of the month. Don't squish me, please!
6/29/04: Links page updated. GO CHECK OUT EVERY SITE ON THERE NOW! x3~
5/25/04: I'm VERY close to high school graduation... today was the start of sign out! I need to shape up some things on the site, particularly some of the info sections and the links page. As for news in general, check out With the Will for all the hot updates on the new upcoming full-CG animation for Digimon, planned to be released in 2005!
4/9/04: Well... Spring break gave me time to check up a few things, one thing being Yahoo Groups, and I finally people had joined the Yahoo Group I made a while ago. Thanks! ^^
3/12/04: New site affiliate! I need to get to updating the links page sometime.. ^^;
11/5/03: Got Taito's 3rd Year Anniversary was last October ^^ Check the Fan section's art page for the special!
10/6/03: Almost done with college stuff... so very close... Q_Q Shaped up the links pages a bit, and re-added the Gifts page that I forgot to do >_> I also dumped the winamp lists, since they take forever to update ever since I organized my music folders. There's still a lot I need to do for this site, but it will have to wait until I get more time. Thanks for not giving up on me, you guys. ^_^
9/21/03: College applications... I'm afraid I'm becoming like the other fanartists around this time~ I'm working on an original (although the main characters look almost exactly like Tai and Yama =D), so I guess I can say... I've passed on? I'll still do some fanart, and fics are still going, but I'll be shifting most of my focus on my other things. I didn't want to leave you guys in the dark with the slowness recently. Meanwhile, I did a lot of cleanup on the site, fixing broken links, etc.
8/9/03: Tamer translations on the prowl...
8/2/03: Winamp playlists are up, fetch the content on mIRC if you want~
7/18/03: Tamer summaries are back in~ wonder if I'll ever get time to finish 'em. @_@
6/15/03: Everything except the Tamers Summaries should be working right now. ^^
6/7/03: New chapter of Where Fate Turns up, along with top 10 monthly song picks.

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