WARNING!!!!!! This page links to doujinshi (fan-drawn comics) of two boys in love. If you don't like the idea of male-male contact or anything of the sort, LEAVE NOW! You have been warned, so don't email me after viewing these that you weren't told about them. D:

Disclaimer: Yamato, Taichi and other Digimon characters do not belong to me, they belong to Toei, Bandai, etc. Any original characters are my property, and these images are not to be used anywhere except for personal purpose without my consent. I am making no money off of this stuff =^.^=

With that said, moving on!

1st Doujinshi! : takes place in 01 during the Dark Masters stuff. It's not much for "feelings" cuz this is what I'd call a practice Doujinshi. In other words, it's just something to help build up my people drawing technique, because before I sucked at people and always did animals. There's some shirtless scenes and stuff like that, so beware ^_^ 16 pages long

Lost Star : I'm basically turning this into a series, this would be like the OVA of the series if it was an Anime ^^;; Takes place in 02! Title page and 24 pages long

Tamers: Splash Style : This links to the optional Taito section of the doujinshi ^_^ 22 Pages long. The actual Doujinshi starts here!

10-A : Gift shadeless Doujinshi I did for Konako! ^_^ She gave me a Taito pic and I was on a Taito high for the rest of the day, and this is the result! *_* I can't believe I did this in one night..
COMPLETED 6/4/01 Page 1 2 3

Burden : Christmas gift... ~_^ Please read the warning ^_^
COMPLETED 12/25/01

DOWN Rustled Leaves : Doujinshi for Sophie for making her wonderful site (dreamwater ate it up). ^_^