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General sites:

Megchan rocks! Although the Digimon focus of the site is gone now, she has lots of lyrics from various J-pop artists, and Megchan is a very nice person ^_^

While the main site has gone down, the forums are still highly active, and it is a good source for news, fandom, multimedia and discussions.

Penguin's Digimon site. :D

PDUTogepi's site with sections to interest both Pokémon and Digimon fans.~

Multimedia sites:

This is FET's site for his Digimon fandub project. FET dubs full episodes, songs, or other Digimon-related recordings.

Jason runs this Digimon site with hordes of sound clips from the US-dubbed series and more.

This is Kouichi Kimura's Multimedia page, but it's only the intro! Join up on channel #DigiLegacy on Blitzed server (via an IRC client) and you can download hordes of dubs/other goodies.

Fandom activity sites:

Konako has a really nice style for her artwork, and she loves Taito too! Check it out!

Resuko's alive and kicking with her awesome Digimon artwork and many other works. :)

Digimon Kaiser Yamato! You MUST see Cloud Ishida's fantastic artwork!

This is Kurot's wonderful site (deviantart for now) with a BEAUTIFUL style. I can't get enough of it! *worship*

Midori Kou *_* Oh, the spiffyness of her works! *_* (On Hiatus?)

Check out Josie and her awesome fanart. =D

Digimon Heaven! Hordes of Digimon fanart and gifs for the hungry eyes. ~_^

The Anime Cerebrum My fangirl friends Leanne and Katie run this site. Go see their AWESOME fanart and fics and other such loveliness! *_* (no recent updates)

Robin's sanctuary An old online bud's site. :)

SheezyArt Not as large/popular as deviantART, but essentially has the same features as DA. It's also more lenient on posting mature/adult pictures of all matters. With all of the yaoi artists that have been victimized on DA, the SheezyArt substitute has given them open arms. Quite a few people on it, too. ^^ Splash's account Just about every fanfic author knows/uses this place. It has lost much of its original wholesome quality over the years (starting way back when NC-17 fics were banned), but it is still an essential place to find/post fanfiction. Splash's account A less-known fanfic community that NEEDS recognition! Many of the same features as FF.N, except unlike FF.N, these guys aren't bastards. Allows NC-17. Splash's account

Adult For mature audiences only. The place where a large portion of the R/NC-17 fic writers post. Splash's account Another fanfiction site, with a fanart section as well (though you get very little space unless you pay). Allows NC-17. Splash's account Another fanfiction site. Allows NC-17. Splash's account

Yaoi sites:

A Yaoi shrine, fics, pics, and everything Yaoi galore! ^_^ (no recent updates)

The Yahoo Taito-ml's official site run by Libek. :-D

Friendship, one of my affiliate's sites! Filled with lots of cool crazy stuff. XD (no recent updates)

Takouji mailing list The Yahoo Takouji mailing list. Join in! ^_^

It's Gotta Be the Hair... Greenwood's Taito site! Check out her awesome fics! (no recent updates)

Character sites:

He da man! Great place to check out for all your Yama needs *_* Taito friendly! (no recent updates)

My affiliate with sexamalicious pics and lots of random stuff galore! =^.^= (no recent updates)

Japanese sites:

GORGEOUS Jenkato fanart, and outfits that will blow your mind away *_*. This site has the sexiest Jen pics you'll ever see.

Renamoe: Renamon... need I say more? XD

This site has some very yummy Takouji Eye Candy and some from various popular Anime. ^_^  (closed)

The quickest to keep up to date with thought pages (called impression on this site), usually getting them the day after they're aired in Japan. @_@; Lots of good art in general.

If you've seen some of Maki's artwork on Cloud's oekaki boards... this is her beautiful site... VERY high on yaoi! ^_^ (thanks for the long-lost link :D)

A site with Yamachi and Takouji fanworks (even some JyouYama) and lots of cute features, including awesome calendar wallpaper. *_*;

A Frontier site with a very nice style and gallery. Love it =3 (dead)

If I could read Japanese fluently I'd so get these novels... but the artwork itself is to die for. *_*

Gwwwwwa, this is a definite must see *_*

A KouKou site with some Takouji =3

A mainly Digimon Frontier site with absolutely BEAUTIFUL artwork. (dead or missing? Anyone know the current link for this site?)

Really nice artwork and her own version of yaoi-filled thoughts! XD and OMG art from series that DESPERATELY NEED MORE FANART (cough FIRE EMBLEM!). I worship this artist.  (dead or missing? Anyone know the current link for this site?)

This is THE Japanese Lucemon site. =3 The comics have a neat Chinese cartoon style.

The Japanese Digimon LCD site that many Digimon sites refer to. A great resource for the Digimon fan. Good art in the gallery section, too.

A site with links to... LOTS of Japanese fansites. Holy snikies it's a lot. o.o;

DigimonTamers Resources This is the script writer of Digimon Tamer's --Chiaki Konaka-- website! With insight on the characters and VERY useful ADR information.

Onmyou Taisenki fanart sites:

Beautiful Onmyou Taisenki fanart *______* (closed)

Looking for Onmyou Taisenki yaoi? This is the spot for it o_o

This artist's coloring style simply blows me away. It's beyond words. Lots of animal love as well. :

Onmyou Taisenki fanart!

Masaomi love!

Wow, an Onmyou Taisenki site featuring Taizan and Onishiba! o_o

This Onmyou Taisenki has a ton of awesome Yuuma/Rangetsu art along with others!

Lots of Masaomi x Riku and other stuff~

Lots of Masaomi x people xD~

Lots of Masaomi/Kibachiyo and Jin Style love~

Various sites:

Fire Emblem fanart. Amazing poses. Amazing colors. Amazing. Lots of FE links in the Gateway section. :O~

Ningen's Anime wallpapers. Just awesome.

Bored out of your mind? This place has so much to do you'll be up all night... ._.!